Free Inquiry Forum is a weekly discussion forum for those who enjoy a casual social gathering involving eating, drinking, and engaging discourse. Discuss, debate or just listen as we take a critical look at current events and subjects involving: Religion, Philosophy, History, Politics, Science and more.

Monday and Thursday meetings will be held every week unless notified otherwise. Topics discussed will include items posted here along with selected topics suggested at the meetings.

Go to Locations to see current location of meetings.

Thursday Meeting description from Meigs:

What Is Free Inquiry Forum?
Free Inquiry Forum is a group of people who meet for dinner once a week to discuss issues of public interest. We tend to be political progressives and support the separation or church and state — quite a number of us are non-theists. The group has no formal membership list or dues; you can just show up and meet other people interested in discussing the issues of the day. BUT Please RSVP so we know how many tables we need. To be added to our weekly e-mail list and/or to RSVP, please e-mail Meigs here:

Our usual schedule
6:00 PM or so to order your food.
6:30 PM  announcements.
6:40 PM-ish topics and begin discussion
8:00 PM  leave

Feel welcome to send Meigs a sentence or two and a URL about a topic you might want to discuss. She will include it in the mailing if you send it by Sunday.

Facilitator and Who Speaks
The original group facilitator/moderator was David Martin, now Meigs. The moderator calls on folks to state their ideas. I, Meigs, try to call on folks in the order they raise their hand, but I give priority to folks who have said little or zero on the night. This group lets people exchange and express ideas; it is not a debating society.