Prayer Optimization Service
Prayer optimization service will reward you with the answered prayers you have been yearning for.

Like search engine optimization (SEO), this service will improve the visibility and ranking of your prayer. The better optimized your prayer is the more likely your prayer will be seen and indexed by your deity. Prayer ranking can be improved for a variety of deities, but we recommend focusing on the leading deity in the industry: Yahweh

Some of the key Prayer Optimization (PO) strategies used will include:

Keyword Research

  • Listing your top wishes and needs
  • Using our exclusive PrayWords Keyword tool to find the most highly accepted prayer words related to your wishes and needs
  • Prayer keywords reports

Prayer Optimization

  • Create a prayer based on best keywords
  • Say prayer at optimal times based on prayer traffic reports
  • Say prayer at optimal locations based on Good vs. Evil Location Analytics
  • Avoid duplicate prayer content
  • Avoid keyword stuffing in prayer

Prayer Marketing

  • Follow dogmatic rules which increase deity acceptance
  • Avoid breaking┬ádoctrine┬áthat could upset deity
  • Prayer optimization may require song and dance to increase deity approval

Advanced Prayer Optimization Techniques

  • Avoiding low quality prayer content
  • Using multimedia to increase prayer visibility
  • Prayer outsourcing
  • Sponsored prayers
  • Deity exchange

A prayer that is not optimized runs the risk of becoming diluted and wasted on villains. Don’t let this happen to you. Get Prayer Optimization today!