From The Washington Times:

The Postal Service’s decision to release a stamp honoring Mother Teresa has prompted criticism and an online petition of support, but the service says it will not reconsider.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has expressed public disapproval of the stamp, saying the Postal Service is violating its own selection criteria. The Postal Service’s guidelines bar stamps that honor “religious institutions or individuals whose principal achievements are associated with religious undertakings or beliefs.”

Rebecca Markert, a staff attorney with the foundation, said the Catholic nun who worked with the poor in Calcutta and won the Nobel Peace Prize fits that description.

“The foundation objects to the stamp because the issuance of this stamp is in violation of the regulation,” Ms. Markert said in an interview Thursday. “Her humanitarian work was tied with her religious beliefs. You can’t separate that.”

Read the full article here. has their own petition to urge the USPS to continue with the issuing of the Mother Teresa stamp here. The petition describes the protest of the Mother Teresa stamp as bigotry. While there may be some valid arguments on both sides of this debate, the protesting of the stamp because it is believed to violate postal regulations, isn’t bigotry. Perhaps it could be argued that the protest against the stamp is hypocritical or petty. On the other side, it could be argued that the stamp is undeserved. There are criticisms of Mother Teresa that people should be aware of in this debate. Below is a 3 part series about Mother Teresa by Christopher Hitchens that is worth watching.