August 2009

Jack Bethune writes:

Remember when…

The re-election campaign of 2004 was barely won by Bush, whose mismanagement of the economy and foreign wars by then had become unpopular with the American public.

So, how did Bush pull off a re-election victory in 2004, despite his low approval ratings?

By purposely fostering the nation’s dependence on his presidential powers to reduce the threat of another terrorist attack against the U.S.

And by claiming that changing Presidents was too risky, that only the current administration was tough enough to keep America safe from further attacks.

Remember that?

To emphasize that major campaign pitch, remember how many times the nation was repeatedly put on edge by a series of Yellow Alerts, Orange Alerts, etc.?

And, more important, remember how those security alerts ceased once the election was over, and Bush had won?

Those who suspected that national security warnings in 2004 were being manipulated for Bush’s benefit have been vindicated at last. By a new book by Tom Ridge, then Bush’s Secretary of Homeland Security.

In his book, Ridge admits that he was pressured to issue national security alerts in order to bolster Bush’s security image and standing among an uneasy and occasionally fearful American public.

An American public that ultimately voted a narrow majority for Bush — against their otherwise better wishes — only because Bush appeared to promise continued national security against further terrorist attacks.

Many of us KNEW it then, counted the national alerts, and saw what was happening — but we couldn’t prove it.

NOW we have proof that the 2004 election was fraudulently won. Stolen from a more qualified candidate. And resulting in another four years of a disastrous Bush administration, the effects of which the American people are still reeling from today.

That’s how a well-connected, incompetent, and unfit ne’er-do-well, who otherwise wouldn’t have been competent to become manager of a 7-11 Store, became President of the U.S. for a second term, while the rest of the world watched in fascinated horror.

Bush won with the blessings of a fearful and duped American public.

And in the eyes of the world, all Americans were now complicit in Bush’s continuing crimes in the Middle East.

You can read the sordid details here:

And I always f**king KNEW IT,


In Dr. Lowman’s latest column for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune she suggests that the eradication of soot would be a quick-fix solution to abate rising global temperatures:

Black carbon, commonly called soot, results from the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels or biomass such as wood. Common sources of soot are wildfires, diesel engines, stoves that use wood (or other bio- fuels), and agricultural burn-off. When soot disperses into the air and settles on surfaces, it accelerates global warming, its effect second only to that of carbon dioxide emissions. But the good news is that soot disintegrates from the atmosphere after only a few days or weeks, whereas carbon dioxide lasts for centuries. So, the eradication of soot could slow down the planet’s current warming trends, providing more time to develop clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, nuclear and hydrogen.

Soot has a twofold effect on climate change: Its dark particles not only warm the air but also melt the ice or snow upon which they land. Scientific evidence indicates that black carbon may cause up to 50 percent of the Arctic ice melt; when the black particles settle on ice and snow, they reduce surface reflectivity and increase melting rates. Himalayan glaciers may lose up to 75 percent of their ice by the year 2020, accelerated by wind-dispersed soot throughout southeast Asia and China. In addition, soot causes lung disease in women and children who use wood-burning stoves.

From the Friday Freethinkers at Sarasota UU:

Two Sarasotans who are outspoken on the need for health care reform with discuss their views in a special panel on health care reform Friday, August 28, at 10 a.m. in the Jefferson Room of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota – 3975 Fruitville Road, Sarasota. (Map)

Florida State Rep. Keith Fitzgerald whose District 69 encompasses most of Sarasota; Dr. Lisa Merritt, a physician with Genesis Health Services, a not-for-profit healthcare provider in Sarasota, will discuss the implications of health care reform for low-income and working individuals.

The panel discussion is being sponsored by the First Friday Freethinkers and will be moderated by UUCS’s Dick Happy.

Keith Fitzgerald, who sits on the state Health and Family Services Policy Council, has made family services a priority of his tenure in the House of Representatives and has become one of the area’s most dynamic speakers on behalf of social justice.
For more information on Fitzgerald please go to

Dr. Merritt is a board-certified psychiatrist and a special in the area of pain management. She received her degrees from Georgetown and Howard universities and practiced medicine in both California and Texas before moving to Florida. For more than 20 years she has incorporated contemporary medicine approaches in her practice of medicine. She has authored numerous articles on medicine and has lectured nationally and internationally on rehabilitation and multicultural health issues.
For more information on Dr. Merritt’s background go to

Questions about the Freethinkers or the panel on health care reform can be emailed to

A service for pets “left behind.” Run by atheists who have blasphemed, negating any chance for salvation.

MC takes a bite out of the back of Sarasota’s top cop in her latest column — Cop-out in copland.

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