So states a report out yesterday from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public life. According to the article, “when asked what they would do if scientists were to disprove a particular religious belief, nearly two-thirds (64%) of people say they would continue to hold to what their religion teaches rather than accept the contrary scientific finding”.

But stating that science and faith are in conflict only “traditionally” is to ignore the very material in the survey.

Science, and by extension reason and logic, is about being wrong and admitting it. To think scientifically, you must be willing to let go of your cherished beliefs, no matter how emotionally appealing, when they turn out to be wrong.

This is where science and religion have problems. This is where they clash. It isn’t a difference in belief of some unknowable philosophical premise. It’s how people choose to look at the world. 64% of the country is unwilling to think scientifically, and that is a travesty.