A good topic for discussion from The Information Paradox:

Here’s the premise of the story – two teenage girls see a nine year old Girl Scout selling cookies and they swipe her envelope of money. Afterwards they confess, no, they gloat, about their crime and are completely unapologetic about it.

‘Money is money’ says the one girl, ‘there was $150.00 in that envelope and I wanted it.’ Oh, and they were really pissed that they had to give the money back because they got charged for their crime.

The thing is, I see this behavior on the street all the time. Rather, I see this attitude all the time in people of this generation. I’m not saying ALL kids this age act like these two girls but from my observations a fair amount do. It’s a lack of empathy for those around them that’s appalling – it’s the absolute and complete utter selfishness that makes me shake my head in dismayed astonishment. The sense of entitlement that these girls display is outrageous. Frankly, they almost seem sociopathic.

It seems to me that these girls are part of a generation of selfish, socially stunted individuals.

I don’t know what generation these girls belong to since I don’t know exactly how old they are and I hesitate to label them with a particular generation name.

What is it with this generation? Why do they walk around as if they are entitled to everything and anything that the rest of us have had to work hard for. I see it at my job, I see it on the streets and in the malls. I watched as a group of teenage boys simply shoved through a gaggle of old ladies, nearly knocking one down without so much as an apology or backward glance. What happened to respect?

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