From the Baltimore Sun:

Though the island in the Caribbean shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic was spared a direct hit from Hurricane Dean this week, it may be that other, stranger entities made landfall there.

Evidence “UFO Haiti” and “UFO Dominican Republic” – two authentic-looking home videos recently posted on YouTube. The films both appear to record close-up sightings of Area 51-type craft hovering above the island’s beaches. As the ships pass eerily over, wind whips through the palm trees, dogs bark and a woman gasps in disbelief. All very real-seeming. The jerky, amateur camerawork easily could be that of a panicked Caribbean tourist.

The videos hummed to the top of YouTube’s “Most Viewed” list and from there invaded discussion forums and news aggregator sites across the Web. Skeptics pronounced the videos a computer-generated fraud, probably part of some viral marketing ploy.