August 2007

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OK, I was able to finally edit down the interview we did with Rev. Jones, who I posted about before here.:

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From the Baltimore Sun:

Though the island in the Caribbean shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic was spared a direct hit from Hurricane Dean this week, it may be that other, stranger entities made landfall there.

Evidence “UFO Haiti” and “UFO Dominican Republic” – two authentic-looking home videos recently posted on YouTube. The films both appear to record close-up sightings of Area 51-type craft hovering above the island’s beaches. As the ships pass eerily over, wind whips through the palm trees, dogs bark and a woman gasps in disbelief. All very real-seeming. The jerky, amateur camerawork easily could be that of a panicked Caribbean tourist.

The videos hummed to the top of YouTube’s “Most Viewed” list and from there invaded discussion forums and news aggregator sites across the Web. Skeptics pronounced the videos a computer-generated fraud, probably part of some viral marketing ploy.

From Left ‘Toon Lane:

Creactionist Dinosaur Theory

I just noticed that Michael Shermer will be appearing on the Colbert Report on Tuesday, August 21.  That should be a good one.

Why is no one questioning the rise of new-age nonsense in the name of science, asks David Colquhoun in this Guardian Unlimited article.

Bill Maher was on Larry King Live last night (8/14/07) and talked about his new documentary on religion.  From the CNN transcript:

KING: He’s funny. Bill Maher, he returns to HBO on Friday, august the 24th. By the way, “The Decider” I think is still being shown on HBO.

MAHER: I think it is. I noticed the billboard is still up on Sunset. That’s my clue.

KING: Not bad. OK. Tell us about the upcoming documentary on religion. Does it have a title, because you once said religion is stupid. That’s not the title, is it? MAHER: No, no, I was kidding. I think the title is requesting to be “Religulous.”

KING: “Religulous.”

MAHER: That’s ridiculous.

KING: “Borat” guy director.

MAHER: That’s right. Larry Charles, the brilliant Larry Charles who directed “Borat,” he’s the director.

KING: What’s the concept? When does it come out?

MAHER: It should come out at Easter. I would like it out as soon as the time people are celebrating the space man’s flying up to heaven.

KING: (inaudible)

MAHER: Oh yes. Absolutely. Lion’s Gate is releasing it. I think it’s going to unleash a great torrent of energy in support of this proposition.

KING: This is the atheist view of religion.

MAHER: Well, yes. It’s certainly the doubter’s view. How much of an atheist a person is, even I, who I’m not a believer, say, look I can’t know. My main proposition is I don’t know, and, therefore, if some other human being tells me or anybody else what happens when you die, my answer to them I don’t know what happens when you die so how do you know? The answer is you don’t know, so to purport to present yourself as someone who can tell in such great detail, and the detail is amazing, isn’t it, about what happens when you die you?

We have to get away from a system of faith. Mitt Romney always says we need a person of faith in the White House. They all would say the same thing who are running for president. No, we need a person of doubt in the White House. Stop with the faith and start with the doubt.

KING: Where do you — give me what I will see. Do you talk to religious leaders?

MAHER: Oh, we talk to everybody. We went everywhere. We went to every place where there’s religion. We went to Vatican City and we went to Jerusalem and we went to Salt Lake City and, you know, I think I’ve insulted everybody, you know. It’s across the board, and we got amazing access. I mean, we were …

KING: Really?

MAHER: We were at the dome — we were standing right next to the rock, the Dome of the Rock where Mohammed flew up to heaven. We were — we were in that mosque, places they never filmed before. The Wailing Wall you’re not allowed to have cameras, inside the Vatican. We just found out that even though the sign says you’re not allowed to enter here there’s so many tourists with cameras and such and nowadays when you make a documentary like this it’s kind of guerrilla shooting. You don’t need a big crew. You just pretend you’re tourists and you’re shooting and then can you make a movie.

KING: Is this like Michael Moore in a sense?

MAHER: I would never compare myself to Michael more because, first of all, he’s a genius. He does what he does incredibly well, but I think …

KING: This isn’t that type?

MAHER: This is — You know, I hope that people laugh — we’ve shown 10 minutes. That’s all we have so far. We’re still cutting it together. But the 10 minutes that we’ve shown I’ve seen it shown to audiences twice. They laugh so hard because the topic of religion is just so inherently funny. I mean, politicians are funny because they promise things that they can never deliver on, and the gap between what they promise and what they deliver is great fodder for humor, as people from Mark Twain up into our own day have demonstrated but what religious people have promised, your own planet, come on, that’s a little beyond Social Security.

Richard Dawkins appears on the UK program, Richard & Judy, to discuss his new television program “The Enemies of Reason.”
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And you can view Dawkins’ The Enemies of Reason, part 1, on Google Video.

From the Huffington Post:

 When Tillman went to war, he knew he was alone and finite. When he contemplated the possibility of getting killed, he did not see angels and fluffy clouds beyond that moment, but utter darkness. He required no guarantees of ultimate survival before he jumped in.


Known as “Darwin’s rottweiler”, Prof Richard Dawkins caused a furore with a stinging attack on religion. Now the evolutionary biologist has turned his wrath on “new age” alternative therapies, describing them as based on “irrational superstition”.

Prof Dawkins launches his attack in The Enemies of Reason, to be shown on Channel 4 this month.

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