June 2007

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Michael Moore’s new movie Sicko details problems in the U.S. health care system. At one point, he asks, plaintively, “Who are we?” He’s asking how is it that Americans, as a people, are supporting the current system.

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Church members claim the face of God has appeared on their sanctuary’s ceiling

It was then that Lowery’s daughter first saw it: The face of God on the church’s ceiling. But, there was a catch…it can’t be seen with the naked eye.

“She took her camera and took a picture,” Lowery said. “That’s when the image came through.”

Though skeptics may claim the face is simply a reflection from a light hanging from the church’s ceiling, members claim it is the face of God, appearing to man.

“It really speaks for itself, you know?” Lowery said. “It’s not from here, because you’ve never seen anything on Earth like it.”

As for why the face can’t be seen without a camera…that may be the biggest mystery of all.

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Audio and video of the Truthdig debate between Sam Harris and Chris Hedges is available here: