A man dubbed as “God’s dental assistant”, claims he can magically fix crooked teeth and turns filings to gold. I wonder if fluoride and whitening is extra.

Read the story here.

UPDATE: Mr. Meyer writes a letter scolding the Herald-Tribune for their uncritical article on “God’s Dental Assistant”.

Here is an interesting comment on this story after it was posted on RichardDawkins.net:

James Randi covered this guy already in his book The Faith Healers. Apparently, this man’s pen-flashlight that he uses when peering into people’s mouths has a feeble, yellowish glow, which causes the fillings to appear gold when they reflect the light. Many people who have been healed incidentally report that their fillings reverted to their ordinary silver colour when they got home.

He also used to say that the fillings put in by God were cross-shaped, which he interpreted as being God’s own “seal of approval”. Randi dryly noted that most fillings are made that way, as it gives strength to the structure.

This guy was debunked was published almost twenty years ago in that book, and yet the gullible masses are obviously still eager to be duped.

The most comical (or, if you prefer, tragic) aspect of all this is that Rev. Steve Jones’ own teeth are in dreadful condition. Physician, heal thyself.

5/29/07 UPDATE: Some additional letters from readers to the Herald-Tribune here and here.

6/11/07 UPDATE: ABC News 7 did a short news segment on Rev. Jones. You can watch it on YouTube here:

ABC News 7 was there the same day we were there to do our interview with Rev. Jones. I will have some clips from that interview soon.