April 2007

Christopher Hitchens will be the guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Monday, April 30. Will be interesting to hear him talk about his new book: “God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything“.
UPDATE: Video of the interview is available here.

Also, on CSPAN2’s BookTV on Sunday, April 29:

Panel discussion on Religion & Culture: Do They Mix? featuring authors Christopher Hitchens, God Is Not Great; Zachary Karabell, Peace Be upon You: The Story of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Coexistence; Jonathan Kirsch, A History of the End of the World: How the Most Controversial Book in the Bible Changed the Course of Western Civilization (LIVE 1:30 PM ET – Repeats at 10 PM and 5:30 AM on Monday)

UPDATE: Video available here.

From Christian News Wire:

After ABC ran a story in January about hundreds of atheists videotaping themselves blaspheming the Holy Spirit, best-selling author Ray Comfort contacted the network and offered to prove God’s existence, absolutely, scientifically, without mentioning the Bible or faith. He and Kirk Cameron (co-hosts of an award-winning Christian TV program) challenged the two originators of the “Blasphemy Challenge” to a debate on the existence of God. According to Comfort, he and Cameron (an ex-atheist) are qualified to debate on the subject. Comfort had not only written a book titled “God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists”, but had spoken at Yale on the subject of atheism, and been flown by American Atheists, Inc., to their 2001 annual convention to be a platform speaker.

ABC loved the idea, and will host a debate in New York City on May 5, 2007. Moderated by Martin Bashir, the debate will be streamed LIVE on their website and will also be filmed for “Nightline.”

For those of you not familiar with Ray Comfort, he is the genius that came up with using the banana as proof of the existence of God. I’m not kidding. Watch the YouTube video of this argument here. (Nice rebuttal here.)

If they plan on using the “banana argument” as “absolute proof of God’s existence” in the debate on May 5th, they might as well not even show up.

Nightline has more here.

UPDATE 5/11/07:
The full unedited version of the debate is available here.


Rally in Sarasota this Saturday:

CODE PINK is organizing impeachment sign holding on the corner of US 41 & Bee Ridge Rd. 3900 block of US 41 at the corner of Bee Ridge Rd. They are looking for as many participants as possible and at least ten volunteers to help out with making signs. The action will take place from 10AM to noon. Contact: bellaespana@verizon.net

More info:

From Rolling Stone:

Jesus is really, really pissed — at Hollywood, at the media, even at most Christians. But BattleCry, the nation’s largest and most radical youth crusade, is recruiting a new generation of Christian soldiers to fight back.

From Truthdig:

The author of “American Fascists” explores the Christian right’s obsession with armageddon and the self-fulfilling holocaust it will produce.

From Crooks and Liars:

One of the problems with public perceptions about crazed TV preacher Pat Robertson is that most perceive him as just a crazed TV preacher. He’ll go on his crazed daily television show (The 700 Club), offer crazed commentary just about everything, and then make crazed rationalizations for his lunacy. The media marvels at his madness, but generally overlooks the bigger problem: Robertson laid out an ambitious agenda years ago, and he’s succeeding.

Thanks to the prosecutor purge scandal, and former Alberto Gonzales aide Monica Goodling’s role in it, the public is learning about Robertson’s Regent University, which, as Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick noted, is doing exactly what it set out to do.