March 2007

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Bryan Killian doesn’t think that’s a fair reaction to his decision to come to North Buncombe High School wearing an eye patch and an inflatable cutlass.

The sophomore spent Wednesday at home after an administrator took issue with his accessories.

Buncombe County Schools says the eye patch was disruptive to classroom instruction. The student’s refusal to take it off after four warnings led to discipline, the district said.

“I feel like my First Amendment was violated,” Killian, 16, said. “Freedom of religion and freedom of expression. That’s what I tried to do, and I got shot down.”

Freedom of religion?

Yes, Killian says, his “pirate regalia” is part of his faith — the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

From ABC News:

Does believing that “God is on our side” make it easier for us to inflict pain on those perceived to be our enemies? If we think God sanctions violence, are we more likely to engage in violent acts? The answer to both those questions, according to new research, is a resounding “yes,” even among those who do not consider themselves believers.

HUSBAY. Monday evening, March 19, 7:00 to 8:15. In Sarasota at Twin Lakes Park. Come and hear Fred Edwords.


Fred Edwords has been a Humanist for over three decades! In 1977, VP of Humanist Association of San Diego. In 1978, President of Humanist Association of San Diego. In 1979, West Coast Regional Coordinator for the American Humanist Association (AHA).
In 1984-1999 (15 years) AHA Executive Director.
In 1994-2006, (12 years) editor of the /Humanist /magazine.

Edwords now focuses his attention on bringing Humanism to a wider public in his capacity as AHA director of communications.


TITLE: “Discrimination against Humanists and the Humanist Response.”

When Pete Stark, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, announced THIS WEEK that he has no belief in a god, new discussion emerged about discrimination against Humanists. In addition, Camp Quest, the Humanist summer camp for kids, has recently experienced discrimination and responded in the media in a positive way. The story appeared this week (3/2007) in the Cincinnati Inquirer.
Fred’s talk gives us all a chance to think about reducing and even eradicating this discrimination. You are welcome to share your own experiences in this interactive presentation as the group explores appropriate responses.


Here are directions to Twin Lakes Park, a Sarasota County Parks Building, located on Clark Road, about one-half mile east
of i-75

*Twin Lakes Park Main Building* 6700 Clark Road, Sarasota, FL 34241 Just off I-75

1. Take I-75 to Exit 205, which is Clark Road in Sarasota (Route 72).

2. Go East on Clark Road for one-half mile. On your right, you will see a four by five foot sign saying “Twin Lakes Park.”

3. At this sign, turn Right into the park, go about 400 or 500 feet and turn Right at a Stop sign. This brings you to the green and white building in which we meet.

The Nontheist in Congress has been revealed.  From

There is only one member of Congress who is on record as not holding a god-belief.

Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.), a member of Congress since 1973, acknowledged his nontheism in response to an inquiry by the Secular Coalition for America ( ). Rep. Stark is a senior member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee and is Chair of the Health Subcommittee.

The Secular Coalition is encouraging people to write Representative Stark for taking this step. An example letter can be found here.

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PROVO — Chances are, not many people in Utah would like to think of scripture as a violent medium that promotes hostility.

But a study of 490 students — 248 of them at Brigham Young University — suggests a correlation between exposure to scriptural violence that is condoned by God and increased aggression.
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